Pipes and Drums of Lindsay Merchandise

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Pipes and Drums CD $5


  1. 6/8 Marches Farewell ye Banks of Sicily: Trad Farewell to the Greeks: Trad A Hundred Pipers: Trad Bonnie Dundee: Trad
  2. Medley Badge of Scotland: J. MacKay Lord Lovat’s Lament: Trad O’Er the Bows to Ballin Dalloch: Trad Lady Ramsay: Trad Mist Covered Mountains: Trad Itchy Fingers: Arr. R. Mathieson
  3. Highland Cathedral: Korg Listen to this song, click here. (MP3 Format)
  4. Set Jimmy Findlater: G. Spiers Morag Duncan: Trad My Home: Trad Westering Home: Trad Shoals of Herrying: Trad
  5. Kylie’s Song: A. Harding
  6. Bonnie Lass of Fyvie: Trad
  7. 2/4 Set Duncan McInnes: P.R. MacLeod Barren Rockes of Aden: Trad Mairi’s Wedding: Trad Brown Haired Maiden: Trad
  8. Farwell Ye Banks of Sicily: Trad
  9. 3/4 Marches Green Hills of Tyroll: Trad When the Battle’s Over: W.Robb
  10. Irish Set Leaving Liverpool: Trad The Black Velvet Band: Trad When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: Trad Belle of Belfast City: Trad The Green Glens of Antrim: Trad
  11. Brooklyn’s Lullaby: A. Harding
  12. Set McNeil of Ugadale: J. MacKenzie Glencoe: Trad Flower of Scotland: Williamson Mrs. Donalda Harding: A. Harding
  13. Amazing Grace
  14. 4/4 Marches Scotland The Brave: Trad Rowan Tree: Trad Wings: Trad Scotland The Brave: Trad Listen to this song, click here.(MP3 Format)

Pins $5

Has the band crest on it. Burgundy background, gold lettering. 1 1/2 inches or 4 cm in diameter.